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No Subject

On May 31,  6:03pm, Terry Moore wrote:
> Subject:
> I am curios if the majority of the list agrees with the way a few came down
> on the person selling the keyless entry system.
> Maybe we should try to remember that this is a large list and although we
> all have Audi's we may have different interest in the items we would like to
> know about.

	Indeed ...

	I am often irked by some of the vendor bashing that goes on here.
	I have no personal experience with most, but criticism is valuable
	only if it stays objective and impersonal. The tone of many postings
	has been inflammatory to the point that I automatically question
	the motives of the poster, regardless of the merit of their

	In summary, Terry, you're not alone: I suspect lots of people out
	there just don't join in because it's a total waste of time.

	There's a difference between plain speaking and just plain rudeness:
	some of the interchange I see here, I'm afraid, can only be
	categorized as the latter.

	My 2 cents worth on behalf of the silent majority ...

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