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German Mercuries rising

In a message dated 96-05-31 22:53:37 EDT, you write:

>I own one and I respect it, and it is still a Merc to me!
>Sorry that you don't agree.

Well, a little German Faterlund etiquette trivia might be in order here (and
prolly prosed better by yer Kindly Unk Bartfater).....  In Europe one refers
to the term "Benz" Truck Division - the thousands of Benz TRUCKS that stomp
the grounds in Europe....  To refer to your SL as a Benz is forbottin, and
most disrespectful of the accomplishments of Daimler et.al. in automobile
excellence ......  One refers to the coveted car mark as Mercedes, not merc,
not benz, not MB, and not Daimler......   And further, it is pronounced
"mer-said'-ies" not "mer-say-deeees" as the Amerikaners like to enounce.....
  And altho you may not agree the hierarchy of automobiles is WELL
established in the cultures of Europe, Germany by far the most militant.....
 In fact, if your Mercedes is passed on the autobahn by say a Golf (vr6
irrelevent), the obligation of the owner, no matter what speed you FEEL is
comfortable, is to pass that uppety Golf with the pride the marque

The Ginster yellow 240/300D taxis are exempt from this respect, and your
"merc" term might well apply here.....