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Re: New Audis

Yeah, you're right.  I wondered how that would work.  Even on our FSAE
cars (some of the teams run aftermarket FI systems) you have to trick some
of them.  I think Haltech F7 is only good for 8 grand on the tack.
Luckily, the CBR600F2 engine most of the teams use has a wasted spark
system.  You can actually fool the FI unit into thinking the engine's only
spinning at 7500 rpm when it's really spinning at it's 13 grand red line.

Jeremy R. King
'86 VW Quantum GL5
Auburn University, Alabama, USA

On Sat, 1 Jun 1996 STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:

> >They can be had from Haltech or Electromotive for around a grand.
> The only problem with those setup's are that they really are designed to 
> work with a EVEN number of cylinders.......  Which kinda leaves us 5 
> banger pilots SOL
> Later!
> Eric Fletcher
> St. Louis, MO
> STEADIRIC@aol.com