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Re: Coolant Temp Gauge

At 06:16 AM 6/2/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, duh.
>All these recent posts about coolant temp gauges are now gone from my recent
>mailing.  I deleted them for two reasons.  1.  to save disk space.  2.  it
>ain't a problem I've been having.  
>Reason #2 is no longer a valid one.  :-(
>My coolant temp gauge of my '89 200TQ is now as dead as my, uh, brain.
>Where is the sensor?  How do I check that the sensor itself is a bad sensor
>rather than something in the rest of the circuitry?

Bob, I've checked that circuitry out, and there is little or nothing else
that can go wrong. If theres a problem in the voltage stabilyzer (power
supply for the guage), it will show up with crazed indications all over yer
instrument cluster.

You can pull it and heat it suspended in a pan of hot water and take readings...

Look under your upper radiator hose where it goes into the engine. It will
have a large rubber boot on it with 4 (mol) wires coming out. Don't feel bad
- one of my latest ones have started acting up. Luckily I have a spare. If
you want, I'll ship you my old one. It is intermittent, but you can use it
to see if thats it. 
Takes less than 5 minutes to replace, loss of 1/2 pint of coolant if yer
quick and the engines cold. If its hot, coolant loss depends on how long you
do the OMIGOD dance clutching yer fingers and writhing in pain. I'm changing
out mine this morning (cold)...
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