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Re: Coolant Temp Gauge

At 07:53 AM 6/2/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks for the quick answer, Dave.  Sounds like it may be time to call Linda
>- again.  :-(

One last thing I forgot - best way to check it - tap it on the side a few
times with a screwdriver handle after warmup. Often it will 'spring' into
action (for awhile).

Ouch on the clutch. Of course, that really isn't too bad pricing. I got
lucky (?). 35K before I bought mine it was taken into a "shop" for a timing
belt and they blew the valves out. Since they had to do that, the previous
owner sprung for a rebuild. As far as drivetrain goes, I'm pretty solid. Its
been EVERYTHING else.

Reminds me of my 79 5K - got from my brother. Called one day and my
sis-in-law asked how the old Audi was doing.
I said "The old Audi's just about gone".
With surprise, she asked "Why, what happened?".

"I've just about replaced every #$%&@(** thing on that car."

We're getting there on this one...
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