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re: QCUSA/quattros . . .


Jordan Backus <jordi@sprynet.com> thus spake:

> Just $.02 worth of question:  When the A3 is introduced and if
> Audi uses the VW's Synco system does this going to cause QCUSA
> to have an associate type two membership for those Audi owner who
> might have this new AWD system, and will the name of this list
> become a mixed word of quattro and synco?

And of course, the Volvo 850 LP Turbo AWD with Audi's Syncro will also be
included, no? ;-)

Gotta work this out, cos my wife's next car will either be a used S6 wagon
or a new 850 described above...

1990 Audi 200T 
1988 Volvo 745T