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Re: Strut Insert Removal

A. D. Morris wrote:
> While (Thanks Jeff :)  replacing the rear struts in my '88 90Q
> this weekend, I have run across a little problem.  The inserts are
> stuck in the tube.  Yes, the struts are off the car, the cap nut is
> removed, but I can not get the insert out.  The other insert pulled
> out, with a little effort.  I figure I have pulled  about 250 lbs on the
> strut trying to remove - without a budge.  I have tried penetrating
> oil and lightly hitting the strut while pulling.
> Because the strut shows signs of  leaking, I suspect it may be
> hydraulically locked.  Anyone seen this before?
> How do I solve this?  Drill a small hole in the tube near the bottom?
> (Yes, I know the strut is pressurized, but it has very little
> pressure in it - it does not extend back).
> -----------------------------------
> A. D. Morris
> Phoenix, AZ
> allanm@primenet.com
> 1988 90Q
> -----------------------------------I had this happen after autocross accident. I twisted the strut tube. 
What I did to remove the strut is this. I mounted the strut housing in 
the vise VERY firmly and used a couple of strut top nuts and wrench 
between them. I picked up the 4lbs sledge hammer and went to town. I got 
it out ok in the end but it was tough because the housing was twisted. 

 Good luck.

    Marty S.