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The Judge Returns!!! (80/90 Registry Prelim Results)

To all:

Yes, I have been away.  Do not fear though, the 80/90 registry is getting there.
Only a few persons have actually e-mailed me direct, and even fewer with
any mods that they have performed.

If your name is below, and the info is incorrect let me know.
If your name is not below, let me know also.


Here they are: (I know there are more of you (us)).

The Judge                     A. D. Morris
'90 80Q                        '88 90Q

Todd Candey                 Chris Tucker
'89 90Q			                  '90 80Q

Mike Spiers			            Orin Eman
'90 80				                  (?) 90Q

Brendan Rudack		        JWASH99@AOL.COM
88' 90Q			                  '90 90Q 20V

Push (V. Jokic)		         Tony Fordham
'88 90Q			                  '90 90

Mike Mueller			           John "Magnus" Altinger"
'88 90				                  '88 90

Vikram				                  Escoses (Graham)
(?) 80				                   (?) 90Q 20V

Christian Long			         Rich Andrews
'90 90				                   '88 90

Anthony Attard		         Chris O'Conor
'89 90Q			                   (?) 90Q 20V

Tom W. Nas			              Pat Roberson
'88 80				                    '90 90

Nick Deutsch			            Paul Craymer
(?) 90Q 20V			             '88 90Q

Steve Manning
(2) '88 90Q's
(built on the same day)

The Judge
ctbottke@tmjb.com (use first)
dismiss@earthlink.net (use second)
cbottke@pepperdine.edu (use last, if all else fails)

90 80Q (Terror of San Francisco)
86 16V-Wolfie Scirocco
85 5KCS  (Adios-real son of a bitch)