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Re: Strut Insert Removal

> What I did to remove the strut is this. I mounted the strut housing in 
> the vise VERY firmly and used a couple of strut top nuts and wrench 
> between them. I picked up the 4lbs sledge hammer and went to town. I got 
> it out ok in the end but it was tough because the housing was twisted. 

I stopped by Allan's to see if i could lend a hand and this is what we did
... except we didn't use a vice and used a regular framing hammer instead.
The insert did eventually come out, though ... the shaft had a slight bend
in it -- it was discolored around the middle of its stroke -- and this may
have been part of the reason for the difficulty he experienced.  

BTW, these were the *original* inserts and the car has approx. 145k on it
... I suspect this must be a record (or at least it seems like to me, who
usually considers any shock with more than 60k on it totally worn out!).

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