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Re: Ginster Monsters

In a message dated 96-06-01 08:27:06 EDT, PDQSHIP writes:

<< My "9" was of Ginster Yellow 90 CQ's, that is a documented fact sir.....
 The post on the 80's in Germany had no relevence to this tidbit of info,
other than he indicated no 90 cq in the pix....  The 90cq in Ginster Yeller
is a RARE beast by this count, not so Ginster Yeller as a color period....
 If you saw more than 1 in DE of the coupes, they were painted or brought in
via someone other than AOA.....  Ck the facts >>

Not to start a urinating contest, but the number of "9" is closer to the
facts with respect to Audi 90s.  The color was significantly more widespread
on the Coupe quattros - not that it was popular.  The numbers come from Audi
of America.