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Haltech gas

In a message dated 96-06-03 11:08:44 EDT, you write:

>> ......  Hmmmm, seems mr. Scott Davis might disagree with that on his
>> 20vturbo TQC.....  He won the fastest 30-70 time with that "bad setup"
>> Haltech.....  How's about 5 seconds flat (or less?!!).
>And let me just tell you how fast that car feels!!  While at the Stapleton
>event, I was fortunate enough to be set up with a ride in that 20V Ur-Q
>Brendan!)  That thing just flew - peeled my head off the headrest once to
>peruse the guages, I saw the speedometer whip past 120, & the VDO boost
>was sitting at 28 lbs.  We passed everything on the track except that pesky
>twin-turbo Porsche.

Ah the "coveted Mistress"....   Unfortunately, since UB's pranks have cost us
a blown circuit breaker on the buzzer, the best I could muster was a
hmmmm....  Darn thing is water logged I guess.....  No doubt that haltech
equipped Davis car kicks some serious butt, I had him toying with me at
Steamboat earlier this year, not sure about the brushed aluminum "grill" tho