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Re: 200 TQ Tranny

> Needed, rather urgently:  016 tranny for '91 200 TQ
> My synchronizer decided to self destruct for, as far as the mechanics and I can
> determine, no apparent reason (oil level okay, clutch okay, no bad driving) and
> took second gear with it.
> A new tranny from the dealer is WAAAAAAAAY out of the question.  If you want
> sticker shock ask what a quattro tranny costs.
> Anyone who has a line on a tranny (or a wrecked 200 for that matter) please let
> me know.
I think it is time to contact Audi Of America, and talk to some hig up there,
sounds like a new Audi transmission for free again... they replaced my 
brother's 10 year old auto 3 speed 2 years ago for FREE!
See what you can do,
Rich Andrews