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Uh- Oh, and 200 A/C problems

Over the weekend John Karasaki (Ur Q owner) and myself were at 
Portland International Raceway for the  Porsche club event which 
had about 95 cars sign up. Lots of Porsches, BMW's, a few Ferraris,
some Alfas, misc other cars. John was out there driving the Ur Q
praying for rain (no rain unfortunately) and I left the 3400 lb
200 TQ  parked but was  able to get a ride around the track
in Todd Warren's '95 RS 911 with Turbo brakes. Ya-hooooooo.
Todd has been instructing at the last two NW QC events. Todd
commented on how well John was doing the "Hans Stuck"
drift through the turns.

Just before lunch one of the  P club members managed to stuff his Porsche 
911 into the tire wall/barrier at turn 9. The driver was fine, the car was not.
The left side had that ripple effect and the rear wing flew off in the 
process. The Porsche guys mentioned that they usually have one of
these "mishaps" every other event.

I must have upset the Audi gods going for a ride in the Porsche because
at lunch after I picked up a helmet at Race Central my Air Conditioning 
quit working in my '89 200TQ. The compressor would not come on, 
and after going through the diagnostic readout process, checking the 
wiring diagram and giving up on finding  the A/C relay, I found
a loose connection at the evaporator thermo-switch under the 
hood beneath the plastic cover near the air temp sensor. The repair
manual shows the A/C relay under the hood at location 11 but I have
no such relay. 

Does anyone know where they moved the A/C relay to in these 89 1/2
200TQ cars? Under the dash?

Scott M.