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Euro lights/fuses reply

>A question for all ye electrical experts: I have fitted a set of Euro
>headlights to my 92 100/A6. I now want to uprate the bulbs from 60W High beams
>to 130W. I have installed 10 gauge wire (blue I think) is 10 for all circuits
>except the main battery feeds to the supplemental relays which are red. I put
a >15 amp in line fuse in the battery feed. I fitted the new lamps and blew the
in >line fuse on the high beams. Replaced the bulbs with the 60W versions and
the >fuse, no prob. So the Q is, if I go to a 25 amp fuse ((130+130)/12), am I
going >to cook the wiring? > Probly fry the snot outa yer light switch :-0, 
all power goes through it. Try some relays!!! >>

As the posting says, I have supplemental relays: one for highs and one for
lows.  The circuit is a parallel one but I cannot remember the load formula. 
Is it 130+130/12, or is it 130+50% of 130 all /12?