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Das ist grammatisch falsch (Bad German)

Nicholas Menaker writes:
>Depending on when exactly you were switching to German in your sentance, it
>would be EITHER in das fatherland, or in DEM fatherland, but never in der

>unwaHrscheinlich is spelled with the H
>verboten is not spelled with an F or a second T
>Nicklaus out

To borrow from Eric: BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT!!!!!!

No such word "auf deutsch" as Father or Fatherland, so it doesn't matter 
what case you put it in (nominative, dative, passive, subjunctive, etc.)
It is Vater, it is masculine, and depending on the case/tense verb, it can 
be "der."

BTW, sentence does not have an "a" and grammar contains no "e".

Todd (loose translation = death)
Der Richter (The Judge)