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Re: quattro GmbH

On Thu, 30 May 96 21:44:59 -0700, Sandra Krystalowich & Perci Hala wrote:

>quattro GmbH ? Anything like BMW's M company?
>Perci Hala
>93 Aud! S4

Yes , you are absolutely right. The quattro GmbH was founded back in 1983
and they mostly sold accessories like bicycles , watches and clothing etc.
with the quattro label. This year they started to produce there own car's.
They start with the S6+ which is a S6 with the 4.2l V8 engine and 326 PS.
They also have a S6+ Avant on line. Additionally they take care of any
individual wishes like Alcantara leather and so on. 
Rumors are that there will be a A4 with an biturbo V6 in the near future as 

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