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Tranny questions

In my search for a new tranny (thanks for the sympathy and the leads/offers on
replacements, BTW) I've run into a few questions:

Are 016 quattro trannies, for the most part, compatible with other 016 quattro
trannies  (comparing Torsen to Torsen and non to non, of course)?  Phrased
differently:  My present, kaputt, tranny is type ADZ, with an AAT final drive
(as printed in the red maintenance manual, and more importantly, stamped on the
tranny)  This tranny, not surprisingly, does not show up in the Bentley table on
page 34-10-2.  Could I use one of these othe trannies, an AUM tranny for

Does anyone have any info on an ADZ tranny?  The parts guy said the ADZ was used
in the urQ's.  This doesn't make sense to me.  Why go back to the older design
after eight years?  Since the type 44 100/200 was not sold in Germany as a 91
model year, could Audi have used this tranny in the 91 100's in europe (A6, C4
type - I think)?

What is a realistic time for labor on a tranny swap, not a rebuild, just pulling
out the old and pushing in the new?

Any help is appreciated.

Joe Yakubik