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4KQ Refinement

I have put a LOT of good $$$ to work in my 4KQ.  Extensive suspension work,
a complete eaxhaust, all kinds of original part replacements..

Each time I spend $1,000 - the car seems to feel $1,000 newer..

However, Now that the 'bulk' of the 'expensive' work has been done, there
are STILL improvements to be made... I am working with the BEST guy that has
ever worked on my car --- Dave Clark at 'The Benz Den' in Belmont, Ma...

But, I would like to start doing some of the upgrades on my own.. I just got
a Bently... 

I'd love to get some advice on where to start... The engine needs tuning...
the car needs paint and some bdy work in the rear quarter (nothing serious).

Does anyone know why there aren't many 4KQ upgrades?  What is the first
'step' in this proccess.. I have the EE issues that detail the upgrade on
the 'project 4000' I could use the brake upgrades..

I just want this car to be absolutely mint.. with some mdifications to make
it perform a little better... The car only has 135K -- and my passengers
tell me it feels brand new -- and that is my goal -- to make it new...

Can anyone recommend an 'upgrade' program for this car.. ?  

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