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Chips for A4Q

If the chip will also work with an A6Q I have some interest.  I realize the
A6 owners don't count but maybe we could help with the number of chips since
it is the same engine.


96 A6Q
84 5k (for sale)

Alan wrote

Hi everyone:

    I would like to know how many of the A4Q owner/owner-to-be would like to
have a chip upgrade.  I'll post this infomation on the list as soon as I got
reply from all interested party.  Please reply to me directly.  This
infomation will be used to let chip maker know how big the demand are so
that they can get their act together and make a chip for the A4Q quick.
I'll post the results on Monday June 10, so please reply before June 9, 1996.

Alan Tsun
96 Red A4Q in Toronto