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RE: Hall Sender

I think the Hall sender is the unit in the distributor which fires the   
plugs by sensing when the slots in a metal disk pass by. I just replaced   
it on a 4 cylinder '82 4000S. It is connected to the rest of the car by a   
connector on the side of the distributor. On the 4 cylinder cars, you can   
replace it by taking out the distributor, removing the cap, rotor and   
some split rings. For the '82, it cost $85 at IPC for a kit containing   
the hall unit and a bunch of other parts.


From: Michael LaRosa <76761.1444@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 04 Jun 96 15:56:33 EDT
Subject: Hall Sender

Anybody now what a hall sender/sensor does ?  according to the
diagnostics flash light mode 2113 on the V8.  This sensor has
a problem.

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