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G'day all,

Funny thing happened to Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart yesterday on the DC
beltway as he was driving his car pool mates homeward.  Got a *WARNING*
for VASCAR-clocked speed of 77.7 MPH in a 55 MPH zone (Yep!  The beltway
is limited to 55, while the traffic normally runs 75-80 in the fast lane).

Zonds! You exclaim, Can this be?  Well, there are some factors that might
explain why he only got a warning:

> he was following a State Revenoor (SR) (for at least 10 miles)
> he was maintaining a constant distance from said SR
> who did not have his party-lights on
> in a state where, in the absence of emergency, the Polizei are subject to the
   same speed limits as we.  In Emergencies, Party-lights are de rigueur... 

When the SR asked for the usual documents and stated that he had clocked Yer 
Kindly ol' Unka Bart at 77.7 mph, the old rutabega batted his baby browns
(they're only blue when he's a quart low, don'tcha know...) and ever so 
innocently (and *politely*) responded, "Gee officer, I was concentrating on
keeping a safe distance from you, and I notice that you didn't have your
emergency lights flashing...

Noentheless, SR took the usual documents back to his car, where he was observed
merrily writing away.  What ever will you do now, asked the pool during the 
pregnant pause.  

Reckon I'll have to call my lawyer, was my response, and then the SR returned.  
*Bear*ing GLAD tidings (groan...)

Reckon the SR didn't want the judge to have to award him the same bitter pill
as he intended to feed to Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart...