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Suspension shop in D.C. area

Anyone recommend a shop in the Washington, D.C. metro area that does Audi
suspension work?  The Mopar babies are taking all my time lately and one of
the 90q's (at 120k) is desperately in need of front end work.  Attending
(but not participating in) an SCCA-sponsored autocross last weekend in
Frederick, MD got me interested in (pure novice, here) maybe running the q
but....BTW I did see one Audi there, a 90 w/Borbet wheels and what looked
like a lowered suspension.  Never saw the driver though, is it anyone on the

Sigh...I wish STEADIRIC had a suspension kit for the 90q's...from others'
comments it sounds like it would be worth driving out his way to get!!!

Steve Manning:	stephenm@ix.netcom.com (Metro D.C. area, USA)
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