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Re: A Dog's Life

Stephen Williams wrote:
>         Here is a story for the books.
> The dog was alive when I last saw it.
>         Just another day on the road.
>         BruceI hit a GD (Great Dane) about 15 years ago in a 69 VW Beetle.  Had to tie 
the bumper to a tree and pull in order to get the front hood open.  You 
could distintly see the outline of the dog in the hood.  It made the Bug 
go cross-eyed.  It didn't do much for the GD (Great Dane) dog either.

Do not try this at home, (listening Ti Kan?)


'93 100CS (no-Q)
'87 5000 CS TQ
'89 Buick Century Limited (just bought for my 81 yr. old Vater)