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Re: Dialynx Exhaust Manifold

In a message dated 96-06-05 17:42:58 EDT, you write:

>There is an article on the Dialynx Manifold in this months British quattro
>Owners Club newsletter describing how to fit it and the effect on
>Simon writes in the newsletter, "What a difference!  The car pulls well from
>lower down the rev range.  The exhaust note has changed to deeper tone,
>confirming that the engine breathing is better ... the harmonic vibrations
>had plagued the car had gone ... there are no violent clicks or creaks from
>exhaust when the engine is turned off ... don't delay, or wait till your
>manifold is spitting or blowing, buy one, fit it, and enjoy driving your car
>once again.  This is possibly the best money you will ever spend on your
>Maybe you should give Aelred a ring at Dialynx.

A test of the Dialynx vs the 2 piece would convince a lot of us that this is
more than propygandy...... At the 750USD price that TAP (exclusive USA
importer) charges is at least 100 larger than what the 2 piece costs.....