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Re: twin turbos?

> If I read him right, he is implying that the addition of a
> supercharger to the existing turbo system would be a better
> idea.  With other massive turbo apps like tractor pull rigs
> or hydroplanes, they run sequential with cooling at each
> stage.  So you compress, cool, compress again, cool again,
> then run it into the motor.  How about a g60 front ending
> a k26 derivative with stock intercooler plus another small
> one after the g60?  As scott is fond of saying its FLOW no
> pressure you want.  Who will be the first?

Why not flow nitrous until the car gets into the boost then taper it off ...
don't laugh: I know someone working on just such a setup for their TQC along
with a conversion to an integrated EFI/ignition system.  I've offered my '89
200q car as one of the guinea pigs but the project's still in its infancy at
this point.  If anything ever comes of it, you'll read about it here first.

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