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RE: tqc or s2?

Go with the 20V ur-q - NO QUESTION!

That is about the only car in the world that I would even consider selling my 85 ur-q for! Not for an S4 or S6, not for any Ferrari, not for any Porsche.....not even for an A8Q.....


my dealer rang me this morning to tell me that he'd just taken delivery of a 1991 tqc (20v)
1 owner, 81km.  wanted to know if i'd be interested.

if i am, what do i do with my '93 s2?

strikes me that the tqc would be a great "investment car"- there can be few like this left
anywhere in the world.

i still miss my old 10v tqc, although the s2 is quicker and more civilised, but not as involving.

then if i get the 20v, this would probably mean that i'd miss the opportunity to get the
rs4 if/when it comes out.

what does the panel think?