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Brake Job

> From: ATBRACER1@aol.com
> I have had no problem getting to the calipers on my car (84 4KSQ).  The
> problem that I am having is removing the bolts that hold the calipers to the
> backing plates.  I can't seem to loosen them by hand.  Is there any way I
> could generate more power to remove these bolts?

To quote Homer Simpson, AAAAAAEEEEEEGGGGGGGHHHH!  Are you 
sure you stated this correctly?  You don't WANT those bolts loose 
enough that you can remove them by hand....that's a death sentence!

OH.  You must mean: with a standard 3/8" rachet wrench and 
appropriate socket, right????????  (IhopeIhopeIhope...)

1)  Impact wrench
2)  Slip piece of pipe (or even cutoff shower curtain rod) over end 
of wrench to increase leverage
3)  Instead of rachet wrench, use long "breaker bar" w/o rachet 
(easier on the racher not to stress it, anyway....)

Don't forget to soak overnight with penetrating oil - and if your 
bolts use the recessed hex-socket heads like others do, make sure to 
clean out all possible rust and debris before inserting the hex 
socket and REEFING on it.

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