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Re: More Hall Sender resu

 Michael LaRosa <76761.1444@CompuServe.COM> writes:

 ML> Book say's......

 ML> "If voltages are obtained but test light does not flash"
 ML> Replace right distributor

 ML> Clair Audi say's $340.-  minus Audi Internet Discount of 20 percent
 ML> gives me $ 272.-  ouch.

     Price of a power steering hose or brake grenade...are we
     jaded or what?

 ML> Anybody got a V8 right distributor they want to sell cheap ?

     The distributor removal is easy.  
 ML> Next project.... how do you replace the right distributor ?

 ML> Mike L.

     Well, I think this may be cause of your surging problem.
     Did Clair actually have the distributor in stock? On
     a 20V Quattro that needed a distributor...it took
     Clair (Audi of A) almost 4 weeks to get one. In the
     meantime the owner of the car managed to get Audi to
     pay for his rental car because of the delay.  I'll
     check the Bosche book to see if you can get the sensor
     alone, without having to buy the distributor. I have
     this sneaking suspicion that no parts will be available
     so that they can sell the complete unit. I wonder what
     the hall unit is compatible with? Probably some VW
     application. I'll let ya know tomorrow.

     If worse comes to worse, hopefully there is no core
     on the old distributor, if you're not sentimentally
     attached to it, I'd like to try and make a camshaft
     "locating flange"  tool out of it for timing belt



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