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Cam swap for '84 4KQ

Hello again everyone.  I asked this question once before, and at the
risk of being redundant, I'm posting it again.

My '84 4KQ has the 115hp engine (as anyone who is responding to this 
message knows).  I would like to investigate the possiblity of swapping 
the camshaft from a later model 5-cyl into this engine to boost the power 
to the 130 hp. level.  The car has hydraulic lifters (based on the normal
slight click/then silence routine).  

Can the cam be replaced with the later one?  If so, does anyone know
of where to procure one?  Will the head need to be replaced if I decide 
to try this?

The 115hp is a little low, but the car drives smartly due to the low 
gearing. It's only at speed with the A/C on that I'd like the extra 
ponies (well, OK, I'd like extra ponies ALL the time, but...)

Some time ago, an Audi mechanic who runs a 4KQ rally car advised
me that the quickest and safest route to increasing power
was head work, i.e., milling the head sightly to increase 
compression.  Any thoughts/experience along this line?

Alex Kowalski
'84 4KQ