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Temp Switch Question

The first stage fan and turbo cooling pump had not been running recently when I 
turned off the engine on my 1990 200TQ, so I replaced the thermal switch with 
one that turns on at 85 C.  The catalog lists this thermal switch as used for 
the AC on a 200.  The original switch is marked 110/97 C Max 130 C.  Now the fan 
and pump come on when I turn off the engine, but am I going to have a problem 
with the fan running too much and running down the battery? It was 55 F this 
morning (it's been cool here in MN) and the fan came on when the engine was shut 
off.  The thermostat is the original which I think is 87 C.  Has anyone else 
done this? 

Thanks for any input or suggestions.

Fred L. DeRoos, Ph.D.
Senior Research Specialist
3M Corporate Research Laboratories
Maplewood, MN