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Hall Stuff.....


Sounds like you know your stuff regarding the Hall Sender :-)

Mind if I pick your brain ?  yes, good :-)

The car is a 90 V8.  With 2 distributors.  One on the back of each
head.  The one with the hall sender is on the passenger side.

I've been told you have to crush the dist cap to get it off :-(  hhhmmm...

I just looked at the factory manual for engine removal and it shows 
2 bolts to take the whole distributor off, then rotate 90 degrees towards
the front of the car and secure with twist ties.....yadda, yadda... .  

Last time I messed with a distributor it was on my old stock car's 
small block chevy,   it pulled out from the top and it was 
probably  20" inches long.....  I take it distributors don't reach way
down into the engine anymore ?

According to the picture in the manual the V8 distributor looks like 
it comes off pretty easy.    Gonna have to investigate that tonight.....

Anyway, let's say I get the distributor off and by some miracle I'm 
able to get the cap off without breaking it......  What am I gonna see
with regards to the hall sender and more importantly suggestions
on repairing or just replace it ? 

Thanks for any help Paul ?


Mike L.

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