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RE: FLASH! S6 in One Lap

Anyone know when/if the One Lap hits NHIS?


From: 	Neil Swanson[SMTP:75377.3445@CompuServe.COM]
Sent: 	Friday, June 07, 1996 10:46 AM
To: 	Quattro List
Subject: 	FLASH!  S6 in One Lap

Check it out,

This morning I went to continental Motors in Fairfield CT to get Lizes' 19878?
(it is '87) 5kq back from a service.  The outcome of the what year is it has
been resolved with a "free"  timing belt, waterpump, PS rack and other work.

Anyway out front is a '95 S6 in blue with the following mods:

17" Borbet Cs with SP 8000s
Hoppen Euro S6 springs
Euro S6/V8 front brakes
Hoppen ECU and exhaust manifold
Harnesses and all
I bet more stuff.

I talked to the owner Alan Tachman (sp)

He is on the list but is an admitted lurker.  He leaves tomorrow to run in the
One Lap on America.  Very cool huh?  The car seems to have some backing from
Hoppen and Cont Mtrs.  He is raising bucks for the Bone Marrow group in Stamford

So you can keep up with the event on Car&Drivers web page to get updates.

Also if in the area they hit Lime Rock next Friday between 5-8pm.  I'm going to
go up and see how he does.  Anyone else?  Bob D'Amato?

Check the tracks they hit and maybe you can see them too near you.