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Nitrous thoughts

	AudiDudi observes >>>WOT in low rpm's more than high<<<

			  >>>We are talking about I5t<<<

	First point, I agree.  Second point, I was referring to the guy 
that had the nitrous on an I5 NA that went to Mexico on him.

	Up front, I admit [as I did earlier] Nitrous CAN be great.  I 
have just never experienced it to aid low end around town power--nor 
would I [personal preference only].

	Nitrous does chill things a bit.  Observe temperature of air 
exiting supercharger about 100 degree lower, when nitrous injected in 
front of the charger.  W/ a charger and nitrous, you must of course 
increase fuel pressure and delivery.  Brave? Put a wet nitrous system on 
outlet side of charger--cools air more as adds more fuel.  Remember, if 
nitrous is used regularly on street/strip GENERALLY want to drop to spark 
plug at least 1 heat range colder than stock--help control 
detonation--hopefully.  ALWAYS use the highest octane fuel avail. AVOID 
AvGas, if you were not already.  

	Most likely you will need to retard timing a bit.  Bigger the HP 
advertised, more retard.  On turbo, you are prolly gonna put fogger ahead 
of throttle body [I THINK you MAY see boost increase--which can be good 
or bad].  You really must watch for lean burn here.  

	Nerdy fact:  More air [23% oxygen by weight] = more fuel can be 
combusted. One pound of Nitrous [36% oxygen by weight].  So, benefit of 
nitrous comes from the fact that it provides 56% more oxygen in 1 pnd 
unit. O.K., for the scientists out there--these are close, right?

	My old experience w/ the laughing stuff, and the reason why it 
does not appeal to me as a low end solution, is that [and this varies on 
amount, where fogger placed, wet or dry, etc.,] nitrous comes on with all 
the charm of a knee to the spuds.  I'm sure this has been engineered around.

	Does it work.  No doubt.  One reason the NHRA banned it after 
1982 season--works bigtime on forced induction motors.  But, I tend to 
view things with ol' Mr. Murphy in mind:  if it can go wrong, it will go 
wrong at all the wrong times.  Preference differs, but I would not have 
nitrous on my everyday driver if it was installed for free.  I would love 
to have it on a weekend road / track car [like the TQC I am looking to 
steal].  People use it in everyday drivers, just not me.

	I do agree with the earlier post that the tech guys at NOS [see 
any car mag] are good