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RE: Kamei Grille or updating the Coupe Q and lighting (a little long).

Oh, well. Looks like I'm getting into the "let's change everything once
we're in here" problem. I think I'll stick with my slow upgrade of the
running gear, then get to the lights.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA, USA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>Sent: 	Friday, June 07, 1996 3:15 AM
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>Subject: 	re: Kamei Grille or updating the Coupe Q and lighting (a
>little long).
>On Friday, 7 June, Ian Duff said:
>>Plus, according to images on the South African Audi Web page, the new
>>Cabrios have the projector bulbs, similar to the new S6s (I think). Now
>>all we need to do is find a source of lights from a country that drives
>>on the correct side (sorry, Matt) of the road.
>>Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
>>1990 Coupe Quattro
>Ian, Todd:
>The other BIG problem that you overlooked.  Turn Signals.  The updated
>Coupe Qs (non-US) have their turn signals/foglights mounted in the
>All US-spec Coupe Qs and the later V6 90s have separate bumper/spoiler
>assemblies, unlike earlier 80/90 4 & 5 cylcinders (including the rare
>20v) with unified bumper/spoilers.
>Those projector lights also require the vacuum assisted height
>Can you say $$$ or DMs?  We're talking over $1000, here. 
>So if you have a US Spec Coupe Quattro, and you want the S2 or RS2
>you need a hood, headlights, various grille seals, and additional apron
>pieces.  And the euro bumper/spoiler with the turn signals.
>I don't know about you, but I appreciate the safety of the 5 mph
>Now if someone would come up with a replacement bumper cover with 
>provisions for turn signals, ala the current US VW Golf/GTI/Jetta. 
>Bruce Hermann at Eurospec Sport was looking into possibly "fabbing" 
>such a piece. Call him at (408) 848 2145, tell him that you're from the
>Their Coupe Q was in a current EC issue.
>Me, I'm currently happy :-) with my Euro (Bosch) Headlights, 55/100 W
>and relays with 12 gauge wiring.  Relays = big improvement over stock
>light output.  Euro lights = at least 300% inmprovement over stock.  
>I can now see at night, in the rain.  
>Last year's Audi Calendar had a sweet black S2 with the projector
>as the November car...I can dream....
>Peter Schulz
>1990 Coupe Quattro (Euro lights, K&N filter charger, needing new
>springs & shocks)