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Re: 85-87 5000S/5000CS, My $.02. Kinda long.


The car you saw a limited edition Audi produced in '86.  This 5kCS came with
the turbo type reflector across the back, 14" Ronal R8 wheels, and manually
adjusted sport seats covered  in a suede-like fabric called Alcantara which
were tan in color.  No turbo on these cars.  All that I have seen were bronze
in color.  Nothing really special about these cars performance wise, but they
are nice.

My advice is to find the best late '86 or newer (many improvements were made
to electrical,brake, engine and exhaust systems) 5k S if you want a great and
don't want to spend alot.  I had an '86 5kS which now has over 250k miles on
it.  Still doesn't use oil, original shocks and struts (I know Graydon, but
mom doesn't care), Audi replaced the transmission at 200k miles for FREE
because of recall related failure,  27mpg, relatively cheap to insure and
reliable.  The interior and paint still look like new.  I think it has only
needed about $600 in repairs (other than the trans.) in the 7 years and 150k
miles since I bought it.  A great car IMHO.

Now if you want performance, the Turbo is great,  Quattro even more so.
 Expect to pay alot more for parts, insurance and maintenance.  Again, the
late '86 or newer cars should be the only ones considered, even though the
headlights are lousy.  If you are in a place where it snows, go with the
Quattro.  Note the insurance on one is the same as a Porsche 944.  I still
loved my '86 5kCStq, and didn't mind the added expense.  You just can't find
a better all around performance car for the money.  That's why this list
exists.  I just sold mine for $2600 with 225k miles on the clock, but I paid
much more for maintenance and alas, the shocks and struts weren't original.


Steve Eiche
Lakewood, CO
'82 Not So Ur q
formerly: '86 5ktq, '86 5kS, '85 5kt, '81 5kS, '85 GT, and lots of others.