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Re: Stalling on the highway

Sheffield Corey writes:
> >Yes, that happened to me a couple of weeks ago too!  I was driving
> >my 5000S Turbo on the highway and noticed this loud whistling noise
> >which appears when the boost gauge read between 0.5 and 0.9.  It would
> >also stall when I come to a stop at a toll booth.  It restarted fine
> >but idled poorly.  Upon inspection I found idle adjustment screw
> >on the throttle body missing.
> >I bought a new screw from the dealer at around $12.
> And I must ask:
> 	If this is truely an idle adjustment screw does one's idle get high or
> low before the screw falls out or does it go from idling normally to falling
> out completely in a matter of minutes??

The idle screw does the basic adjustment but normally the idle is
electronically maintained by the idle stabilizer valve.  Thus,
while the idle screw works its way out, you may not notice a
change in the idle because the ISV compensates.

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