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Re: Re(2?): Lights, Volts and Amps (Long geeky thread)


In a message dated 96-06-06 21:03:41 EDT, you write:

>NO **** You just decreased your total circuit load - Which means your total
>current DRAW will decrease **** 

Uh...let me see if I understand...I have a dam holding back lotsa water and I
remove, say 50% of the dam.  I don't think I would want to go downstream to
see the "reduced" flow; it may end with reduced lifespan.  I have to agree
with RHD on this one.

As I remember (dusting off my flickering brain cell) in some basic
electronics, a decrease in "load" is actually an increase in resistance or
should I say "Z" instead; or not as many thingies sucking juice from the main
power source, therefore a reduction in current.  But in the RHD circuit,
closed loop series voltage divider thingy complete with constant voltage
source, if I remove some of that series resistance Mr. Ohm says the other
resistance will drop the total applied (less wiring,etc.) voltage.  And,
there are subtile dynamic diffs between AC & DC.

jus $.0025 worth...

Back to lurking...

Bruce Johnson
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Olympia, WA  .