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Re: Special Tools for 4k

I have seen these huge allens advertised in the Imparts catalog.  Check it

Brendan Rudack			rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU
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On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, Krayon Blak wrote:

> So I'm under the Car today changing the oil and checking the CV boots and I
> notice it looks like time to change the drive flange seals. Figure I'll
> inspect and repack the CVs at the same time. But....
> What the heck kind of a tool do I need to get the inner CVJs outta there?
> It's not a torx. Looked at the archives for this list. Sears may have the
> Tool. I'll check tomorrow.
> So I'm checking out how where the filler and drain plugs are for the
> gearbox. And again: what the heck kind of a huge allen key am I going to
> need to get these plugs out???? Looks like 17mm. Off to Canadian Tire.
> Nope, Canadian Tire doesn't have a socket or an allen-anything that big.
> Off to Home Depot. Nope! They don't have anything bigger than 8mm or 10mm!
> Now what? It looks the tool that came with my chainsaw would do the trick
> (if it fits), but that's miles away.
> So do they make hex sockets big enough to take those plugs out or am I
> missing something here?
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