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Auto Tranny

> From: Alex Kowalski <akowalsk@shrike.depaul.edu>
> I just got a phone call from my dad today about his '86 5K wagon.  He 
> just had the transmission fluid replaced by our local Audi man after a 
> month of bad shifting and reports that the transmission needs 
> replacement.  Apparently it is slowly grinding itself into filings. What 
> cars/years does the Audi transmission recall/swap apply to and how can I 
> find out if our Audi dealer will still change the transmission under the 
> recall?
> If this is impossible, can anyone recommend a good source for a used auto 
> trans for this car?  

Alex - the dealer is the MOST EXPENSIVE place to do this.  It will 
cost you at LEAST twice asmuch to do it there.  DON'T!!  Here are the 
points to consider:

1)  Dealers do NOT prefer to repair transmissons - they replace them! 
This is about $1500-$2000 more than repair!
2)  A transmission does not NED to be replaced unless the case is 
totaled OR there is such extensive internal dmage that it's more cost-
effective to replace it.  Since your is still running, I doubt tht 
either is true.  Therefore, rebuild it....but not at the dealer.
3)  Your automatic is a standard VW transmission that has been around 
for 20 years, starting (I hear-say) with the Vanagons of the 70's.  I 
have this on good authority from a guy who is really good and has 
rebuilt mine.
4)  Your transmisson can be REBUILT as good as new by any competent 
independent shop which knows VW transmissions - in fact, they can 
charge you less by ordering VW parts to fix it.  If they're good, 
they will already know this.

The defense rests.  Get outa the Audi dealer and hie thee to a 
competent independent....the dealer would have charged me over $3000 
to do what the independent did for $1500.

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