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Re: Dead battery => ANGRY WIFE

[Joe's life on the line here]

My 87 5000s shows the same voltage ranges. Gotta remember that the #11
channel monitor is the A/C controller itself. The voltage drop might be
induced by the controller and fan siphoning off power fromthe same liddle

A more accurate check would be to have the A/C on high and use a voltmeter
to check to voltage across the battery poles. Or some other favorite
voltage tap of choice.

With the engine at idle, you might even get the fan to kick into
'hurricane' mode and monitor to see if the voltage regulator and or
alternator is up to snuff to power all the accessories. Turn on the rear
defroster if you are really perverse.

Did that one winter and saw channel #11 drop down to the mid 11V's. Yikes.

If all that didn't help, might want to upgrade to the Tq's 120Amp Bosch
alternator. The 5Ks only has the 90amp puppy. Enough for arc-welding.

Guess Nomex isn't going to protect you from wife abuse. Might want some of
them Kevlar Carbon Fiber laminate untergarments for protection.

>After the second occurence of the battery voltage going south, I took the
>car out for some data gathering.  While driving ON THE FREEWAY and under
>minimal load (i.e. no lights, no A/C, not even the radio), I monitored
>the system voltage using Channel 11 and found it to be ~ 14.3 Volts. (Clue #2)
>After turning on the lights the voltage didn't change much, only a few tenths
>of a volt. (Clue #3) Next, I turned on the A/C with the blower motor set to
>"low".  The voltage dropped to ~ 12.9 V. (Clue #4) Setting the blower motor
>to "high" caused the reading to drop further to 12.3 V. (Clue #5) At even
>lower RPMs, while driving in the city or at idle, the voltage was going as
>low as  ~11.8 V.  (Clue #6) No wonder the battery was discharging!
>What component of the electrical system do you suspect as being the likely
>culprit?  Battery?  Alternator?  Voltage Regulator?  What sayeth the
>communal wisdom of the great and mighty Audi listers?  HELP!  My wife's
>about reached her limit.  No procrastination with this one.  If it's not
>fixed by this weekend she's threatened me that it's going into the shop.
>Wouldn't a mechanic have a field day with this one?
>Anyway, TIA for your assistance.
>Joe Garibaldi                                 e-mail: joegari@cdc.hp.com

Ernest Wong