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P21S, Tranny & Pentosin

> From: mma@Rt66.com
> P21S from germany *is* magic! Spray on, wipe with the soft foam sponge provided
> and spray off - it dissolves that black grunge that epoxy's itself into those
> crevices that no tool made really gets to. Expen$sive stuff (~$20 a bottle),
> worth it.
> Mark Aaldering
> 87 5000CSQ IA Stage 1
> mma@rt66.com

So OK, Mark - HOW and WHERE can we get it????  Drop the other driving 

> From: Urcoupe@aol.com
> I hate to add fuel to the fire over the failing transmissions but.... 
> The folks have an 1987 5000cstq Turbo front wheeler with only 79,000 miles on
> it ( they never drive it and it is absolutly *&^*ing beautiful).  You guessed
> it- the trans has failed.
> Went to the local Chicagoland Audi dealer and was quated a 1900.00 rebuild.
> Needless to say the immaculate Turbo sits in their garage.  How on earth did
> someone 
> get  Audi to replace a trans under warrenty at 200K?  What are the specifics
> I need to tell the dealer to get this done?  The auto is transfering the
> fluid from the power section to the drive section (or vice versa?)  I am
> pretty sure it did not go through any recalls (yet).  Maybe if I get it fixed
> the folks will give it to me.
> Thanks in advance.

Scott - once again, do NOT do this at the dealer if they don't 
warranty it, as that's the only way you come out $$ ahead.  AOA
refused to warranty mine at 63K miles when the problem had been 
developing since 55K miles.  Any competent independent tranny shop can 
do this repair for MUCH LESS than the dealer. It's a common VW 
tranny, and any good VW guy can fix it.  Make sure to put in a 
rebuilt torque convertre while you're at it!  Just hope the 
transaxle's not shot.  If so, you'll get into $$..? finding a used 

> From: Mitch Loescher <Loescher@tamu.edu>
> I noticed today that the local Hi-Lo in College Station has Pentosin 7.1 and
> 11S.  The 7.1 was $17 a can, and I don't recall the 11S price.  Just thought
> I'd point that out because it's the first time I have seen the stuff at a
> open late...discount auto parts store.  The price is higher than mail order
> ($12 last time I bought some), but may come in handy some day, to be able to
> buy it there.

Right on, Mitch...but they get about $23+ a liter for the type 11.  
I've been buying from AudiOnly (like $10) or Blaufergnugen (about 
$13).  Cheaper even including freight...but Hi/Lo is a big enough 
chain that it's a good place to know about.  I've actually been 
pleasantly surprised at the variety of import parts they stock.  They 
even had FI holders for my '83 Datsun ZXT!
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