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Re: brakes for 1991 200 20v turbo quattro

Hate to post this but there have been several questions re UFO's. I 
do NOT recommend the procedure, but it worked for me. Had new pads 
installed, UFO's in excellent condition but warped. Price of new UFO 
disks was not appealing... The Germany-trained mechanic (not at 
Audi) told me to take em out and make at least three max (ABS off) effort
stops from about 100...then ride the brakes lightly for a few minutes.
Pads smelled like grilled armadillo roadkill, but that was 35k miles
ago. Smooth as glass ever since. Work for you?? Disclaimers****
I had absolutely nothing to lose except my license, and new pads!
CUL, Les

<<<<<<You wrote Monday 10 June>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> > Folklore on this list has it that a few (3 or 4) VERY hard stops
> > (incipient lockup, ABS going wild) from about 80mph (yes, kids that's
> > right, don't try this at home) should straighten the warped rotors out
> > on your friend's 200Q. Something about they're so damn good that they
> > don't even get warm from everyday use and uneven heat distribution warps
> > 'em, get the suckers REALLY HOT and it all evens out. Did you truly say
> > 16K mi on a '91? Bet he was never late to church.
> I am pretty sure that you must have the ABS off when you do this,
> am I wrong???
> Later,
> Rich Andrews
> rjandrew@post.cis.smu.edu