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V8 Distributor Wanted?

I know somebody in NH was having all sorts of problems with the distributor on
their V8 (Mike Larosa?).

Found this in Hemmings motor news, thought it might be of interest to some of

1990 Audi V8 quattros, wrecking 2 cars, one rolled, one hit in front, complete
cars NOT for sale. AAA Small Car World, 1500 Carson, Fort Worth, TX 76117.

Phone 817-831-0946  Fax 817-834-7453


Paul Waterloo                    TEL: (860) 267-7714
HydroAire Incorporated           FAX: (860) 267-7387
875 Old Hartford Rd
Colchester, CT  06415          EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com