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Why not contact Audi of America ?

To put some pressure on AoA to get in contact with Dan it
might be a good idea that more members of the q-list express
there concern directly to AoA regarding QCUSA and the future 
of the q-list.
Why not phone them up or contact AoA through there website
at http://www.audi.com/feedback/fbtoc.htm ?
The last days I tried to find somebody at the Audi AG in Germany
who is willing to listen to me. I spoke with Fr. Seiverth from
customer service and also Fr. Mahr from quattro GmbH but none
of them really understood the situation. 
But I will keep on trying to get hold of somebody over here
in Germany and I think the same should be done on your side
of the water.

* Hans-Juergen Schneider / hschnei@ibm.net *
* 200 Quattro  /  90 Coupe Quattro 20V     *
* Germany                                  *