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Window tinting

Got my car done in Boston by someone who did work for the auto glass shops.
He was freelance & came up in an old beater with his girlfriend. Completed
the work in 2 to 3 hours & for less than $180 USD in 1991 for a 1990 Maxima.
An auto glass shop would charge at least double, I priced them. Cost depends
on complexity of curves & cutting especially for the rear window. Which if I
remember was 5 or 6 pieces. The side windows were all on piece.

His work was first class. I went with the legal tint. This meant, at the
time, that one can look through both side windows of the car and see on the
other side.

Do not attempt to do the work yourself. You have seen all those botched up
jobs. He used 3M tinting film. I did not put the 6" or so strip on the top
of the winshield, I didn't feel it was discreet.

Tinting makes the car a lot cooler. The air conditioner did not have to run
as high to get the interior comfortable. It did not get as hot while parked.
I'd say it made a 20-25% difference for both parked & running with air. Also
it keeps the interior from fading as much.

The film does scratch. Rings or watches will leave little clear pock marks
holes. I probably ended up with 4 on the drivers window & 5 or 6 on the
passenger side, they don't know its fragile.

Good luck,



got the '93 100CSQ5sp on Fri, now onto LIGHTS, although they are better than
the '90 Maxima.