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Audi God Nominations!

OK - here aare the Audi god nominations as subggested so far, with 
names suggested by Moi.  Also designation as to whether benevolent, 
passive or malevolent personality, and person suggesting deity.

Ohm - God of Electronics (Malevolent and tricky)  [Robert Houk]

Mechanos - God of Engines (Benevolent) [Robert Houk]

Pentos - God of Expensive Effluent  Fluids (Passive but has a crude sense 
                o'humor) [Steve Eiche]

And for the last (fourth ring) god, we have two nominations:

>From the lovely and talented Bob Meyers:

DM (Deutsche Mark) - God of cash in large denomination bills 
                                        (Malevolent and persistent)

And from the sometimes Hon.  Robert Houk:

Vulcan - God of vulcanizing & little rubber thingies (Passive but 

What sayeth the assemblage as far as a run-off between the two latter 
Audi deities???????

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