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Re: 20v wires...

Since I'm the guy that seemed to start this discussion (by paying the
gods to keep them happy), I'd like to note that you can pull the wire
out of that really long boot which goes down inside the head to reach
the plug.  I suspect that the big $$$$ come from replacing that boot,
so if you can just get wires with the distributor boots attached and
the little clips for plugging into the plug boots, the cost should be
pretty low.  The wires themselves appear to be regular copper-core
ignition wires, and the little clips have the AMP tradename on them,
so I assume they are standard parts.  I haven't pulled on the
distributor boot end yet, but I suspect it is the same.


PS...I suspect that Vulcan is the audi-god who watches over those
little hoses and seals, but on some occasions he works with Terra to
start those little electrical fires...