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RE: 205/50-15 TIRES ON 90Q?


Your probably getting a lot of conflicting information and assumptions on the correct offset for 
this car. I know, I went through this over the Winter. There seems to be some confusion as to what 
is the correct offset for the 80q/90q/Coupe models. I may not know all the answers but there are 
some things I know for sure.
1. We are dealing with several different cars with different offsets:
	Offset	  Models
	Unknown	  80Q
	45mm	  90Q
	37mm	  90Q-20 Valve
	37mm	  Coupe Quattro (20 Valve) 

2. I have a 90Q-20V and I have 205/55-15" and they fit nicely, This was the OEM size tire for this 
car (20 Valves only). The wheels fill up the wells almost completely and you would not want a wider 
wheel w/o modifications.

3. You want a really nice wheel, made in Germany, designed to look good with Audis, then take a 
look at Rial (800-919-4335). They are rarely seen in the states and they offer several models in 
the specific offsets for your car (37mm or 45mm or whatever you need). I have the Rial MS 15" on my 
car and they look great.

4. I highly recomend you buy your wheels/tires from a local shop. They won't screw-up the size and 
if they do you don't pay for it. They usually meet or come very close to mail order prices and 
offer a bit of free service too, as well as advice.

Finnaly, if you want the straight poop on wheel offset for your quattro call Anderson Bros. Quattro 
garage in MN (612-937-8639). They will certinaly know.

Good luck!

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       Date: 12/27/95
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