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Doug Evans posted yesterday about stop leak. I have
recently replaced EVERY cooling componant because 
someone had put stop leak in the system to "fix" a
leaky heater core. I have to assume that it was done
prior to selling the car so they did not have to repair
it correctly. Once the system was opened up to do a 
"every 5 year" hose replacement, the stopleak plugged the 
radiator, and what the heck, do the H2O pump the termo-
stadt, the heater valve the fan motor and etc...

Stop leak will expand into a mass when it hits air so
the system should never be opened up again and left open
for anything over a couple of hours. By replacing the 
hoses, it was open long enough to plug the radiator and all
the rest of the parts were replaced "sinse we were in there...

This of course was my experience...anybody else had good or
bad luck with stop leak in an Audi?

'90 V8 100k
'92 100S 50k


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