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Re: Radio Coding problems

Brookfield Motor Cars, Brookfield, Wisconsin, service Dept says that when you 
exhaust the attempts you only need wait a period and it resets.  Unfortunately, 
the period escapes me, but I believe it was measured in hours, not days.
Roland Broberg
91 100
84 5KS
86 Vanagon
65 Cub Cadet

On Tue, 11 Jun 1996, loren01@ix.netcom.com (Scott Bermes) wrote:
>Am I toast on this situation?
>I had the car in the shop to get the starter fixed and the shop unhooks 
>the battery to do the job.  I don't have the radio code from previous 
>owner, so we take the unit out and I go to the dealer with the unit,  
>and get the code from the Audi computer.  The shop puts the unit back 
>in and I follow directions to put the code in.  E.g., ARI-Z/AM buttons 
>until 1000 appears, put in code, ARI-Z/AM buttons unit station appears. 
> Did that, but station never appeared, "SAFe" reappeared.  Also, it 
>only gave me two attempts and "SAFe" always appeared after both 
>attempt.  The code was 0309 and the first digit only allowed a "1" or 
>blank.  So my two attempts were "blank0309" and "1309" neither worked 
>and it locked up.  Linda @ Carlson says I need a new unit, for the $75 
>swap charge.
>Any suggestions to try before I end up doing this?  
>89 200tqw